Sports shooting clothing

Like all sports, sport shooting has these rules and
especially a very strict dress code, all participants must wear appropriate
clothing that conforms to the rules, but where and how to find this famous
outfit? Not easy to get one when you want to practice this sport, the
second-hand market is full of items that you can pay a very interesting price
so don’t hesitate to take a look around.

Dress code

It is the responsibility of competitors to be on the
shooting ranges dressed appropriately for a sporting event. All sports are
concerned with the image they present to the public and the media. Shooting
must grow as a sport that gets media coverage, shooters must give a positive
image of our sport.

All clothing worn by competitors at these competitions
must be appropriate sportswear for the athletes. For all disciplines, so-called
“camouflage”, “combat” or “police” clothing is

During the competitions the athletes must wear shoes
that comply with the rules. They are not allowed to wear any type of sandals,
nor to remove their shoes.